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From the desk of "Free Solo Ad System"

I am sure you know about the benefits of solo email advertising and the effect is has on sales and sign-ups!? Email marketing has and will always be the best way to super targeted visitors and make sales IF you do it the right way!

If, - and ONLY if you know how to super targeted your solo ad sending you never need to know anything at all about SEO and how to get organic traffic from Search Engines!

No more need to spend hours posting articles or join Forums or Social Medias hoping to get a few visitors to your website or affiliate link...

Because what you are about to discover is the absolute biggest

Stop wasting your time on SEO and article, forum and social media posting hoping to make a few sales - it wont happend.. And stop wasting you hard earned money on solo ad companies which are sending your ads to non-targeted prospects...

What You Really Need To Get INSTANT Sign-Ups Or Sales Is:

**Solo Ads (of course)!

**Not just solo ads but TARGETED solo ads!

**Not just TARGETED solo ads but NICHE TARGETED solo ads!

**Not just NICHE TARGETED solo ads but SUPER NICHE TARGETED solo ads!

And I will tell you how you can send thousands of those SUPER NICHE TARGETED solo ads yourself every day as long as you want using a FREE email account and a 'secret' software!


How to set up free email accounts - to use as your 'sender platform'..

How to use the 'secret software'..

How to get SUPER NICHE TARGETED 24 hours old email leads..

How to upload the email leads..

How to send your solo ads and get sign-ups or sales overnight.

Your question:                                                                                                                       - If this system is so unique why don't you keep it for yourself - why are you selling it to other    people??

My answer:                                                                                                                             - Good question! Well, - I found out that this system can be used by thousands of other people    without interrupting my business - and after all, I am a business man and I realized that I        could earn a few bucks selling this system to other online marketers who is strugling to get        website visitors..

I have tested and tried this method for months now and it works each and every time I used it and it's so simple to set up and use than even a kid could do it..


Well I mostly use this method for my lead-capture page and not for direct sales, - but SURE you can use it for direct sales too..

Also, I am not using it every day but whenever I need new sign-ups for my lead-capture page (and later sales)...

I am just setting up a SUPER NICHE TARGETED campaign for about 1000 24-hours old leads (using the software) - upload them to my free email accounts - write a small ad and press 'send'..

Sending my ad to 1000 SUPER NICHE TARGETED 24-hours old leads will give me a 'open rate' of 10% sometimes 20% - which means that out of 1000 leads 100 or 200 will open and read your email! 

I usually get between 8 - 20 sign-ups to my lead-capture page for one sending to 1000 leads, - not bad for just sending - not bad AT ALL!! And it only took me about 20-30 minutes total, - but best of all IS WAS TOTALLY FREE and I can do that each and every day without ever paying a single dime!!

Your next question:                                                                                                              - Okay, I am ready to give it a try, - how much will this system cost me??

My next answer:                                                                                                                    - You see, - I could easily charge $100 or even $200 for a copy of this unique Self-Send-Solo System, - but why shoul I? My main income are made from other websites I own, not from this one here - this one here is more for fun and of course I make money from sales, (after all I am a business man)

So I decide to run an "Opening Campaign" so if you place your order now, you will get the whole system with detailed step-by-step instructions for ONLY....

$200  $100  $79  $47  $29

=>ONLY $14.95<=

Place your order now and get instant access - you can send out your first SUPER NICHE TARGETED solo ads within the next hour and then each and every day absolutely free of charge!


No limitation or restriction of use - use the system as you like without ever paying more!

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